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LKQ Pick Your Part - Oceanside

2315 Carpenter Road (Parts)
1030 Airport Road (Car Sales)
Oceanside, California 92058
Entrance Hours:

Open 7 Days A Week

8:00am - 5:00pm

Must Be 16 Years Old To Enter Facility

40% Off Sale Dec 29 2018 - Jan 01 2019

Formerly Ecology Auto Parts, LKQ Pick Your Part – Oceanside is one of the newest members to the Pick Your Part family in Southern California. With a vast, quickly rotating inventory of vehicles with parts available for a fraction of the cost you would find them for at a dealership.

Upon entry, you are given a part interchange list printed from LKQ Pick Your Part’s used car parts database to help you find other makes and models carrying parts that fit the vehicle(s) you’re repairing. A modest fee of $3.00 gets you entry into yard where there are over 1,000 cars trucks and vans American and foreign in the yard ready to pull parts from.

Have an old car for sale? LKQ Pick Your Part is the leading used car buyer around Oecanside. Whether your used car is still running or an old junk car taking up space in the driveway, LKQ Pick Your Part will pay you top dollar for your used car regardless of condition. Get your free quote today, call (800)962-2277.

California Dismantler License #14423

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