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Pick Your Part has locations covering the state of Tennessee, open to give you the most for your car. If you're looking to sell your vehicle and are concerned that you may not get the most you can because it may be a little old or has suffered some damage? Don't worry, Pick Your Part in Tennessee buys all types of vehicles in all types of conditions, from those in great shape to those that are completely wrecked.

With our locations covering the cities of Memphis, Nashville and Chattanooga and surrounding areas, we are in your neighborhood and are available to help you out with selling your junk car. If you would like to sell your vehicle or have questions about selling your vehicle, get in touch and we'll do everything we can to make it a simple, great experience.

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LKQ Pick Your Part - Chattanooga
400 Workman Road
Chattanooga Tennessee 37410
LKQ Pick Your Part - Memphis
966 West Mitchell Rd.
Memphis Tennessee 38109
LKQ Pick Your Part - Nashville
2030 Lucas Lane
Nashville Tennessee 37207