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Yard Rules

LKQ Pick Your Part salvage yards are a great way to cut costs. If you plan on visiting one of our salvage yards, you should be careful while on the property. A self-service salvage yard is not an inherently dangerous place but you must adhere to some basic rules and regulations:

Cutting Torches/Propane Torches

Customers are not allowed to bring torches of any sort.

Vehicle Jacks/Jack Stands

Jacks/Jack Stands are not allowed on the premises. All vehicles are on stands to allow access to all the vehicle's parts.

Gas Powered Tools

Gas powered tools are not allowed on the premises.

Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic beverages and drugs of any kind are forbidden on the premises. Any one caught in possession of alcohol or drugs will be asked to leave the premises and face prosecution.


Pets are not allowed in the yard.


Children under the age of 16 are not permitted in our salvage yards.

Additional Policies

  • Toolboxes and/or bags are subject to inspection upon entering and exiting the yard
  • Shooting video or photos while on LKQ property is strictly prohibited
  • No customer-owned parts are allowed into the yard for comparison. No exceptions… customers will be allowed to compare parts if needed upon purchase under the supervision of a PYP employee in the sales office or area.
  • Anyone not practicing safe behaviors will be asked to leave
  • Anyone that commits theft or vandalism is subject to prosecution
  • Personal protective equipment such as safety glasses, long pants, and closed-toe shoes are highly recommended
  • Parts prices are posted at the front office and on this website. Be prepared to pay before exiting.
  • Total Price includes Part, Core, and Optional Guarantee. Prices shown do not include taxes or environmental fees, which will be calculated at the time of purchase. Prices shown also do not apply to parts from certain specialty vehicles that a location may designate as a front-line vehicle (due to their year, make, model, quality, and/or value), which may be priced higher. For specific prices on any vehicle in the yard, please speak with the sales associates on-site.