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Sell your car quick and easy with LKQ Pick Your Part. Fill out our quick online form and get your quote instantly and have your car picked up quick!
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Selling Your Junk Car is Quick and Easy!

Recycle Your Junk Car

LKQ Pick Your Part will buy your unwanted vehicle 7 days a week. Do you have an old car, truck or van that you would like to get rid of? Maybe a junk or scrap car or truck? We buy all vehicles running or not. Get a free instant online quote and see how much you can get paid! We have been recycling vehicles for over 30 years and can lend our experience to help you get the best when selling your vehicle. Your vehicle doesn’t run? No problem! We will arrange towing services for your vehicle.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I get for my junk car?
LKQ Pick Your Part pays the most for your vehicle. Just fill out our short, free, no obligation, online form and see instantly how much we will pay you for your vehicle.
What if my car has been damaged in an accident?
We will buy any car regardless if it has been in an accident. There may be deductions based upon the size and nature of the damage. Get a free instant quote now to see how much you can get!
What if my car is in bad shape or has very high mileage?
As we are automotive recyclers, we are able to buy your car in any condition and put it to good use by recycling parts, fluids and raw materials.
What paperwork will I need to junk my car?
In most cases you will need a proof of ownership document, such as the vehicle title. We will help with additional paperwork to make the process as seamless as possible.
My car does not run, will you buy it?
Yes! Though you may receive a deduction depending on what is causing your vehicle to not run, we will pay you top dollar for your car!
How can I get the most for my junk car?
By bypassing middlemen and working directly with an auto recycler, we are able to likewise bypass costs associated with getting your vehicle and pass them on to you!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Don’t just sell your junk car, recycle it with LKQ Pick Your Part. Every bit of your vehicle is recycled or reused. The parts from your vehicle are purchased by customers to be put to use in their own vehicles. The fluids are recovered and sent for refinement into new products. The metals are recycled to be made into new products over and over again. Recycling your junk car with LKQ Pick Your Part is a truly green proposition.
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Service Areas

LKQ Pick Your Part Service Areas
If you're wondering if we're able to purchase your junk car, we have locations all across the country ready to give you the best price You can find our stores in any of these states!
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